Moisture Nail Lacquer
Moisture Nail Lacquer  

Moisture Nail Lacquer

Moisturizing, protective nail lacquer




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The moisture-retaining, fast-drying nail lacquer is suitable for all types of nail. The delicate rosé-colored lacquer visibly conceals minor imperfections and so conjures up a natural, shiny nail makeup. The slightly rosé shade of the lacquer instantly makes even nails that are easily discolored appear healthy and well-manicured again. It also forms a protective layer that protects the nail from external influences. A UV absorber prevents discoloration of the nail lacquer by UV rays. With regular use, the nail becomes stronger and more resistant. Integrated rose stem cells, a precious active ingredient from the leaves of the alpine rose, protect nails.

The result is cuticles that are healthy and supple. For perfectly groomed and protected nails. Suitable for all types of nail.

Active ingredients:

  • Rose stem cells from the alpine rose (rhododendron)
  • UV absorber

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  • Apply the Moisture Nail Lacquer to the nail evenly in one layer. For best results, we recommend that the product is used regularly once or twice a week.