Eyeshadow Moonlight
Eyeshadow Moonlight  

Eyeshadow Moonlight

Eyeshadow Powder



Article N°

  • 06 - violet sky
  • 11 - baby sparks
  • 16 - polar star
  • 21 - glimmer of light
  • 29 - glamorous meteor
  • 03 - evening star
  • 35 - grey glitz
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Shimmering eyeshadow powder in eight gorgeous colors.The delicate texture bathes your eyelids in a sea of sparkling light. Your eyes shimmer elegantly as though dusted with sparkling diamonds. The bright colors are absolutely perfect as eyeshadow and highlighter for your eyelids. The darker shades emphasize your eyes to best advantage. The eyeshadow be applied very effectively using a brush or an applicator and leaves the skin feeling silky.

Lanolin-free, fragrance-free.

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ARTDECO maquillage   et   ARTDECO soins

  • Apply the eyeshadow to the eyelids using a foam-applicator.