Color Booster Lip Balm
Color Booster Lip Balm
Color Booster Lip Balm
Color Booster Lip Balm
Color Booster Lip Balm  

Color Booster Lip Balm

Boosting Lip Balm to enhance your natural lip color.



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The nourishing Color Booster Lip Balm enhances the natural lip color with delicate color pigments. The color boosting effect gives the lips a fresh and subtle color. The self-coloring pigments combine with the self-protection film of the lips and so emphasize the natural color of the lips. The color varies from a subtle pink to a delicate pink depending on the individual pH of the lips. The lips look wonderfully refreshed and radiant. The glossy transparency makes the lips appear visually fuller. The texture is based on a precious vegetable oil extracted from the seed of the tropical miracle tree. It forms a physical protective film against water-soluble pollutants and protects the lips against moisture loss. Soothing apricot kernel oil and peach extracts provide additional moisture. The invigorating and delicate spearmint flavor of the Color Lip Balm conjures up a pleasant freshness on the lips.

The Color Booster Lip Balm is paraben-free.

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