Powder Brush Premium Quality
Powder Brush Premium Quality  

Powder Brush Premium Quality

Powder brush in premium quality




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The high-quality POWDER BRUSH combines high-quality with unbeatable performance. The soft brush made of high-quality, voluminous synthetic hair flawlessly takes up the powder, and enables you to apply it evenly to your face, neck and neckline. With its rounded shape, you can effortlessly distribute, work in and blend in any powder. You can use this brush for all of your loose and compact powders.

Product Features at a glance:

  • As usual, high-quality from ARTDECO
  • Long, thick and extra soft brush hairs
  • Flawless powder take up enables uniform application
  • Rounded brush shape ensures perfectly blended transitions

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  • Take up the powder with the brush and apply it to your desired facial areas.

    Professional tip: To maintain the natural shape of your brush, you can pull the attached net over the brush head after use. Powder residues are easily removed with a brush cleanser. You can also wash your brush regularly with a mild shampoo.