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Blush & Bronzer

Blush & Bronzer

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    Blush Couture - Limited Edition
    Tricolor blush Learn More
  2. image_product
    As low as €8.95
    Powder blush for the Beauty Box Learn More
  3. image_product
    Bronzing Blush
    Bicolour blusher for airy summer days Learn More
  4. image_product
    All Seasons Bronzing Powder - Limited Edition
    Tricolour bronzer for a naturally tan complexion Learn More
  5. image_product
    Glow Bronzer - Limited Edition 2020
    Shimmering bronzing powder and highlighter Learn More
  6. image_product
    All Seasons Bronzing Powder
    Long-lasting, three-color bronzer in a limited design Learn More
  7. image_product
    Glamtopia Blush
    Tricolour glamour blush for every skin type Learn More
  8. image_product
    Satin Blush Long-Lasting
    Three perfectly coordinated shades for a customized look Learn More
    Out of stock
  9. image_product
    Blush Couture Cross The Lines
    Three-shade blush “Cross the Lines” Learn More
  10. image_product
    Bronzing Powder Compact Long-Lasting
    As low as €21.95
    Long-lasting bronzing powder with sun design Learn More
  11. image_product
    Bronzing Powder Compact Long-Lasting Refill
    As low as €13.95
    Refill for the Bronzing Powder Compact Long-Lasting Learn More
  12. image_product
    Bronzing Powder Compact
    As low as €19.95
    Refillable tanning powder with SPF 10 Learn More
  13. image_product
    Bronzing Powder Compact Refill
    As low as €11.95
    Bronzing Powder Compact Refill Learn More
  14. image_product
    Glow Bronzer - Limited Edition 2019
    Shimmering tricolour bronzer in „Sunset” design, limited Learn More
  15. image_product
    Bronzing Blush 2019
    Tricolour Blusher in „Sunset” design, limited Learn More
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15 Items


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Get fresh, tanned skin with ARTDECO blush and bronzer

Exclusive ARTDECO blush and bronzer for a fresh, sun-kissed look

Blush adds a touch of freshness to your makeup. A splash of color on your cheeks makes you look younger instantly. It leaves you looking refreshed, and adds definition to the contours of your face. Did you know that even French noblewomen of the royal court would apply a little blush to their elegant, alabaster cheeks? When it comes to exclusive powder blush and bronzing powder, ARTDECO has everything you need to get glowing skin! For best results, apply the powder blush with a blush brush, like our Blusher Brush Premium Quality. Place the brush on your cheekbones and softly sweep the blush across your skin towards your hairline. Practical tip: ARTDECO Blusher fits perfectly in your refillable Beauty Box. The three-tone Blush Couture adds a touch of paradise to your cheeks. Your skin appears instantly fresh and rejuvenated.

Looking for the perfect bronzer for a natural, sun-kissed glow? ARTDECO’s Bronzing Powder Compact is made of two perfectly blended colors, and leaves your skin looking healthy and tanned. Gently apply ARTDECO bronzer to your face and neck with a bronzer brush. It matches your skin color perfectly thanks to its two-tone blend. Our bronzing powder feels soft and pleasant on your skin – and is incredibly long lasting! The best part? When you run out of your favorite bronzer, you can easily refill your compact with our bronzing powder refills.

Are you ready to get a sun-kissed look? Follow along with our makeup tips for bronzing to get a perfect summer look. Step-by-step, we’ll show you how to add a touch of freshness to your face in our makeup tips for blush.

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