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Body Care

Body Care

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    Hydrating Hand Cream
    Moisturizing hand cream with ginger and goji berry Learn More
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    Super Rich Hand Cream & Mask
    Rich hand cream & mask Learn More
  3. image_product
    Cocooning Shower Milk
    Creamy shower milk with sensual scent Learn More
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    All Over Body Fragrance - New Energy
    Aromatic body spray—goji berry and ginger Learn More
  5. image_product
    All Over Body Fragrance - Sensual Balance
    Aromatic body spray—cherry blossom and ylang ylang Learn More
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    All Over Body Fragrance - Skin Purity
    Aromatic body spray—white lotus and rice milk Learn More
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    Cocooning Shower Foam
    Sensual shower foam with cherry blossom and ylang ylang Learn More
  8. image_product
    Energizing Shower Foam
    Invigorating shower foam with energy boost Learn More
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    Super Rich Foot Cream
    Rich foot cream Learn More
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    Exfoliating Body Scrub
    Refreshing, highly effective body scrub for extra delicate, revitalized skin Learn More
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    Deep Moisture Body Cream
    Rich moisturizing body cream Learn More
    Out of stock
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    Calming Body Mousse
    Moisturizing body mousse Learn More
    Out of stock
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    All In One Manicure
    Rich hand treatment with ginger and goji berry extract Learn More
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13 Items

Luxurious body care products for velvety-soft skin all over your body

First-class pampering treatment thanks to high-quality body care products from ARTDECO

Body care should be part of every good bathroom routine – and not just for hygienic reasons, but also to keep your skin nourished and healthy with the right products. The right body care products for your skin are largely dependent on your skin type and your skin’s requirements. 

Do you have dry, demanding skin? If so, discover our body care products for dry skin. Hot water on our skin, like when we shower, affects its natural protective acid layer, causing it to dry out. Gentle shower foams, like our Cocooning Shower Foam, not only clean your skin, but also deliver just the right amount of moisture. Our favorite part? Its mild exotic coconut scent! To get rid of dead skin cells, go for a peeling treatment, like our highly effective Exfoliating Body Scrub. It leaves your skin looking refined and velvety-smooth. This body peel adds moisture to your skin and is also suitable for sensitive and dry skin thanks to carefully selected ingredients, like ground apricot kernels, stimulating extracts and nourishing oils. After your peeling treatment, we recommend pampering your body with our Calming Body Mousse and 1-2 pumps of an aromatic body spray, like our All Over Body Fragrance – now nothing is standing between you and a day filled with vitality and power!

Our hands and feet are the most used parts of our body. They also need a little extra TLC. After a warm, relaxing foot bath, treat your feet to a nourishing foot cream, like our SOS Super Rich Foot Cream with high-quality nurturing extracts urea and shea butter. Treat your parched hands with our highly moisturizing Super Rich Hand Cream & Mask. It’s a hand mask and a hand cream in one.

Turn your home into a spa with ARTDECO body care products. 

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