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Natural makeup products with light coverage and a glowy finish add a beautiful radiance to your complexion! 

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the essentialas for a natural glow

These new products emphasize your natural beauty.

The liquid Light Luminous Foundation melts into your skin | ARTDECO

Light luminous foundation

Available in five different shades, the Light Luminous Foundation gives you a natural, even, and radiant-looking appearance in an instant.

It also has blue light protection to help prevent skin aging.

make-up brush premium quality

Expert tip

The Make-up Brush Premium Quality is an essential tool for your cosmetics kit! The tapered brush picks up the desired amount of foundation and applies it to the face quickly and easily with small motions. The flexible, tapered edges of the brush are perfect for working foundation around the nose, mouth, and hairline. This creates a radiant, even complexion—for a professional finish at home!

Expert Tip
Daniela Rother

Chef Trainer Make-up Artist

Refillable setting powder for long-lasting coverage | ARTDECO

translucent loose powder

The Translucent Loose Powder keeps your makeup in place all day long! It sets the makeup in place with invisible coverage for a fresh and even complexion.

  • Refillable setting powder
  • Velvety matte finish
  • Long lasting with vitamin E

Refilling the Translucent Loose Powder is that easy

How to Refill: Step 1 | ARTDECO
How to Refill: Step 1 | ARTDECO

Step 1

Open the lid of the Translucent Loose Powder.

How to Refill: Step 2 | ARTDECO
How to Refill: Step 2 | ARTDECO

step 2

Remove the refill insert from the original container by pushing it out from underneath.

How to Refill: Step 3 | ARTDECO
How to Refill: Step 3 | ARTDECO

step 3

Remove the protective cover from the new refill insert and press it into the original container from above—using the guide lines for assistance.

How to Refill: Step 4 | ARTDECO
How to Refill: Step 4 | ARTDECO

step 4

Remove the transparent label and screw the lid onto the container.

Eye Brightening Powder for a wide-awake effect | ARTDECO

Eye Brigthening powder

Give your tired eyes a wide-awake effect and let them sparkle!

The Eye Brightening Powder has a white tint which appears transparent on the eye area. It sets your concealer and camouflage and helps them last longer on the skin

  • without settling in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Matte, radiant finish
  • Light coverage


One product to prime, set & refresh. Three benefits in just one product: Spray for priming, setting, or refreshing your makeup

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