Illuminating Fluid
Illuminating Fluid  

Illuminating Fluid

Light shimmering fluid for radiant-looking skin




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This ultra-light, shimmering, illuminating fluid has been developed to bestow a new youthful glow to skin. It is ideal for modeling and perfecting the skin. Thanks to its ultra-liquid formulation, it glides weightlessly onto the skin and leaves a smooth, fine shimmer. The Illuminating Fluid can also be mixed with a moisturizer, foundation or body lotion to enhance the natural tone of the skin, therefore giving more radiance. It contains nurturing vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.

Suitable for all skin tones.

Detailed information of the ingredients can be found here:

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  • Apply directly to the desired area (face-cheekbones, décolleté etc. ) or mix together with a moisturizer, foundation or body lotion to give skin a glowing shimmer.