Teint Specials

Teint Specials
  1. Teint Specials Glam Vintage Shimmer Cream


  2. Teint Specials Glam Vintage Shimmer Cream


Profesional-like Makeup with ARTDECO Complexion Specials

Professional ARTDECO Makeup

Use ARTDECO’s professional Complexion Specials to create flawless makeup just like a professional makeup artist. Art Couture Oil Control Paper and fixing powder are the secret ingredients to a long lasting makeup base. Prime your skin with ARTDECO Makeup Base Primer. Thanks to nourishing active ingredients, this makeup base preps your skin perfectly for makeup. Choose your primer based on your skin type. ARTDECO offers a range of bases from a smoothing, anti-aging makeup base to a light Skin Perfecting Makeup Base. If you are in a hurry, you can quickly use Oil Control Paper to effortlessly keep your complexion perfect. The powder paper absorbs excess shine quickly and easily. Thanks to its practical structure, ARTDECO Oil Control Paper fits in any purse. To seal makeup and improve durability, makeup artists set makeup with loose fixing powder. Use Spray on Leg Foundation for irresistible, sun-kissed legs. Professional makeup artists swear on Spray on Leg Foundation. The tanning spray conceals small imperfections and gives the legs a naturally bronzed look. ARTDECO Complexion Specials has stunningly beautiful makeup!