Beauty Box Duo "My Brows"
Beauty Box Duo "My Brows"  

Beauty Box Duo "My Brows"

Empty magnetic palette for ARTDECO eyebrow products.




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Your eyebrow products safely stored away: The high-quality, sturdy empty palette can house two ARTDECK eyebrow powders and a small brush. With two different shades you can create the perfect shade for your brows or try creative new trends. Thanks to its magnetic system you can combine any colors to your liking.

Product details at a glance:

  • Empty palette for two ARTDECO eyebrow powders and a small applicator.
  • Magnetic system: fill individually and swap it out.
  • Integrated mirror.
  • Sturdy, high-quality packaging.
  • Closes securely.

Detailed information of the ingredients can be found here:

ARTDECO makeup   and   ARTDECO care


  • Pick up the brow powder with the applicator and apply it to your eyebrows in thin, short strokes.