Ultra Shine Gel
Ultra Shine Gel  

Ultra Shine Gel

Nail gel lacquer in a highly brilliant finish




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The Ultra Shine Gel gives a very brilliant, glossy finish. The acrylic polymer structure creates more volume on the nail bed and makes it thicker. It glides onto the nail very smoothly without streaking due to the smooth gel texture and creates the perfect sealing coat for your colored nail lacquer. The Ultra Shine Gel strengthens the nail, makes the lacquer extremely water resistant and long-lasting. It protects the color of your nail lacquer from bleaching or fading.

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  • Apply a smooth coat of Ultra Shine Gel on your nail, on top of your nail lacquer (please wait until the latter dries entirely. Allow to dry well. If needed, repeat the application up to twice a week, refreshing your manicure and making last for up to a week. Attention: Do not shake before use!