Smooting Base Coat
Smooting Base Coat  

Smoothing Base Coat

Base coat for strong, even nails




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For strong nails and a long-lasting effect: The Smoothing Base Coat ensures that the nail surface is optically smoothed, making it an ideal base for colored nail polish. It extends the durability of your nail lacquer and protects your nails against discoloration, breaking and splintering.

Product Details at a glance:

  • Perfect base for colored nail polish
  • Extends durabiliy of nail polish
  • Smoothes the nail surface and fills unevenness
  • Protects from discoloration
  • Reduces breaking and splintering of the nails

Detailed information of the ingredients can be found here:

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  • Apply the base coat once on your nails. Let it dry well and then apply any colored nail polish. The base coat can also be applied alone for a natural look.