Instant Nail Perfector
Instant Nail Perfector  

Instant Nail Perfector

Immediate care for heavily stressed nails




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INSTANT NAIL PERFECTOR brings heavily stressed nails back into equilibrium with instant effect. Artificial nails, gel nails or shellac strain natural nails. Grooves, irregularities or a self-peeling nail are not uncommon here. The transparent Nail Perfector is like a protecting layer on your nail, prevents breaks and abrasion and evens out irregularities in the twinkling of an eye.

  • Regeneration of heavily stressed nails.
  • Immediate nourishment & long-term support for healthy nails.
  • Makes rough, brittle, natural nails smooth again.
  • Increases the firmness of your nail

Detailed information of the ingredients can be found here:

ARTDECO makeup   and   ARTDECO care

  • Apply 1-2 thin layers directly on your natural nail and then let dry. You can also use it as a base coat under the nail lacquer. Therefore, apply a thin layer on your natural nail and let it dry before you paint on your favourite colour.