Mineral Lip Styler
Mineral Lip Styler  

Mineral Lip Styler

Retractable mineral lip liner



Art. No.

  • 09 - mineral red
  • 22 - mineral soft beige
  • 49 - mineral invisible lip contour
  • 01 - mineral natural
  • 05 - mineral salmon-pink
  • 15 - mineral soft brown
  • 16 - mineral western lily
  • 17 - mineral vintage nude
  • 19 - mineral western columbine
  • 35 - mineral rose red
  • 42 - mineral cherry blossom
  • 48 - mineral black cherry queen
  • 02 - mineral skin corrector
  • 18 - mineral english rose
  • 10 - mineral dark hibiscus
  • 14 - mineral rosy peach
  • 28 - mineral light pink
  • 38 - mineral rosy magnolia
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Perfect your lip makeup with the Mineral Lip Styler due to its innovative mechanic. A uniform and precise application of color is possible thanks to the precise tip. The lip line can be accurately emphasized with the mineral lip liner, which is also ideal for filling in the lips. The result: your lipstick lasts longer and your lips look fuller. The lips do not dry up. The specifically developed formula of the Mineral Lip Styler makes it smudge-proof and it is also suitable for sensitive lips. The Mineral Lip Styler has an integrated sharpener and the tip is completely retractable and thus it is perfect for traveling. It contains Hyaluronic acid that moisturizes, candelilla wax for a soft creamy texture and mica for a silky shimmer. Mineral-, paraben- and fragrance-free.

Detailed information of the ingredients can be found here:

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  • Outline your lip with a color matching your lip color; for a more dimensional effect, blend towards the centre of the lip. Profi-tip
    Fill in your entire lip with the Mineral Lip Styler for longer-lasting results. To correct your lip-shape or any eventual lip liner mistake, use the Mineral Lip Styler no. 01, which is skin colored.