Lip Filler Base
Lip Filler Base  

Lip Filler Base

Lip primer with optimum lifting effect




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The Lip Filler Base prepares the lips perfectly before makeup is applied to them. The lip primer extends the durability of the lipstick and enhances comfort. The lipstick no longer runs or smudges. The creamy velvety texture contains fine powdery microspheres that attach to the surface of the lips and visually fill in uneven areas. The lips look more even, smoother and fuller. The naturally translucent shade shows off the brilliance of each lipstick color to its best advantage without distorting it. The texture contains valuable natural waxes which are very well absorbed by the skin – without any greasy film being left on the lips. So the Lip Filler Base gives optimum protection against loss of moisture. Aloe vera, shea butter and precious vegetable oils nourish the lips and make them supple. The lip primer has a delicate fragrance. Use the Lip Filler Base to create beautiful lip makeup every day.

Detailed information of the ingredients can be found here:

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  • Apply the Lip Filler Base thinly to lips before using lipstick and apply it lightly over and beyond the lip line. Then apply lipstick.