Art Couture Lipstick
Art Couture Lipstick
Art Couture Lipstick
Art Couture Lipstick
Art Couture Lipstick  

Art Couture Lipstick

Extra-smooth, soft lip texture with sensual shine



Art. No.

  • 204 - cream crimson queen
  • 208 - cream tulip
  • 231 - cream autumn brown
  • 233 - cream skin
  • 235 - cream sparkling romance
  • 258 - cream sweet red
  • 265 - cream spring fever
  • 290 - cream pink water lily
  • 310 - pearl mysterious red
  • 675 - velvet dark queen
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A lipstick matching your gorgeous gown – whether classic red or subtle nude – the Art Couture Lipstick classic embodies everything desirable in a lipstick: sheer, creamy texture with sensual shine. A sublime generation of lipstick, uniting enticing, rich color with feminine elegance and delicateness. The gel-like texture glides on the lip effortlessly, providing an incomparable creamy sensation and embeds the lips in a soft, velvety cushion of color. Hop extract nourishes the lips and keeps them supple. The result: perfectly colored and moisturized lips. The lips appear smooth and soft. An elegant aroma with a sweet note completes a luxurious lip make up sensation.

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  • Apply your favorite ARTDECO lip base and lip liner, then apply Art Couture Lipstick with a lip brush or directly from the tube.