Mineral Baked Eyeshadow
Mineral Baked Eyeshadow  

Mineral Baked Eyeshadow

Baked eyeshadow with mineral pigments



Art. No.

  • 40 - satiny blue
  • 46 - vivid blue
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The Mineral Baked Eyeshadows know what makes eyes beautiful. Thanks to the special production process and the high percentage of pearl pigments, the colors are especially brilliant. Bright color reflexes give a natural, brilliant look. The smooth, soft texture can be evenly applied. A mineral complex containing magnesium, potassium, zinc and sodium nourishes the sensitive eye area. The formulation is free of preservatives, mineral oil and fragrances. Therefore the Mineral Baked Eyeshadows are suitable for all skin types - especially for sensitive skin.

Detailed information of the ingredients can be found here:

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  • Apply the Mineral Baked Eyeshadow with the special ARTDECO Mineral Baked Eyeshadow Applicator.