Lip Brush Premium Quality
Lip Brush Premium Quality  

Lip Brush Premium Quality

Professional, high-quality lip brush




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Professional and high-quality: With the Lip Brush Premium Quality, you can create lips like a makeup artist. The conical point allows you to precisely apply lipstick and gloss to the contours of the lip. The premium quality of the extra-soft nylon hair ensures the optimum take-up of the lipstick and dispenses it perfectly over the lips. For a particularly even, intense look for your lips. The cap is removable so the brush can be stored in a beauty case easily – without the delicate hair being damaged or dirtied. Perfect for traveling.

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  • To create contours for the lips, apply the lipstick with the slanted edge. Begin at the outer corner of the mouth. Then color in your lips with the flat side of the brush. For better control, place the removable cap on the lower end of the brush.

    Cleaning: Clean the brush with mild detergent or soap and plenty of warm water.