Eyeshadow Applicator Refills
Eyeshadow Applicator Refills  

Eyeshadow Applicator Refills

Replacement tips for Eyeshadow Applicator




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Eyeshadow applicator in professional quality for gentle application and shading of loose eyeshadows. The foam tip enables application of conventional eyeshadows, glitter particles and glitter powder. You will receive three replacement tips for the eyeshadow applicator, amongst those, two smaller applicator tips. These are ideal to apply darker eyeshadow colors, especially along the lash line to accentuate the eye contour.

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  • 1. Choose two eyeshadows; ideally a light and dark shade. 2. Apply the light shade with the larger applicator to the entire eyelid. 3. Subsequently take the thin, pointy applicator and apply the dark color to the outer corner of the eye and the eyelid. 4. Now shade the dark shade to the middle of the eye so that the light and dark color fade into one another. Make sure to have a smooth transition. For the care, we recommend foaming up a small amount of Foam Cleanser with water and cleaning the applicator with the gentle foam. Then, rinse out with plenty of water and press out the wet applicator in a soft cloth. Let it air-dry.