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Breathtaking & dramatic: Smokey eye makeup is a true classic, and turns your eyes into real highlights.

In our step-by-step guide and tutorial, we show you how to easily apply trendy smokey eye makeup. It’s perfect for beginners, so don’t be shy, try it now!

Smokey eyes before and after
Smokey eyes before and after
Smokey eyes before and after
Smokey eyes before and after

How to

How to apply the eyeshadow base
Step 1

Eyeshadow primer

An Eyeshadow Base is an absolute must for long-lasting, flawless eye makeup. This secret beauty weapon ensures your eyeshadow stays put. When it comes to smokey eyes, this is crucial since the focus is on your eyes!

Apply it with your finger or a brush, ensuring it’s distributed evenly.

Kajal is applied
Step 2

Intensify your lashes

Tightlining is used to boost the intensity of your lashes, and visibly neutralize any sparse sections. Use this technique to make your eyes stand out by adding definition and intensity.

To boost the volume of your lashes, apply a black kajal precisely between your lash line and your upper lid contour.

Eyes are lined with kajal
Step 3

Apply eyeliner

Make your eyes stand out and get fuller-looking lashes with eyeliner – an absolute must for smokey eyes!

Apply a kajal along your upper and lower lashline, blending it in with a brush to get a smokey look.

Four pictures of the first eyeshadow application steps
Step 4

Apply eyeshadow / Step 1

A) Apply a light-colored eyeshadow to your upper lid and over your brow bone, blending in the direction of your temples.

B) Apply a dark-colored eyeshadow to your lid, along your lower lash line and to the outer corner of your eye.

More eyeshadow is applied
Step 5

Apply eyeshadow / Step 2

C) Apply a medium-colored eyeshadow to your eye crease to create a transition between the light and dark-colored eyeshadow, and to soften the dark color on your lower lash line.

D) Add highlights to the highest part of your brows and to the inner corners of your eyes using a shimmering eyeshadow color.


How to apply eye liner
Step 6

Apply eyeliner

Draw a line using an eyeliner to add mysterious depth to your look.

To best prepare your lashes for mascara, apply a nourishing care mascara to your lower and upper lash lines. Next, apply mascara to complete your breathtaking smokey eye look.

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