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A job interview or a regular day at the office: In these situations, the trick to applying makeup is not wearing too much and not wearing too little. 

Our guide shows you how to apply subtle and confident office makeup that sticks by your side, even through stressful situations.

Hier wird der Vorher/Nachher Effekt des Business Make-up's gezeigt
Hier wird der Vorher/Nachher Effekt des Business Make-up's gezeigt
Hier wird der Vorher/Nachher Effekt des Business Make-up's gezeigt
Hier wird der Vorher/Nachher Effekt des Business Make-up's gezeigt

How to

Hier wird ein Primer zur Gesichtspflege einmassiert
Step 1

Priming – Lasts the whole (work) day

A primer is ideal for preparing your skin for makeup. It also provides your skin with moisture and increases the durability of your makeup.

Die Perfect Teint Foundation wird mit Hilfe eines Pinsel appliziert
Step 2

Foundation – Cover

Choose a lightweight foundation for everyday working life. Apply the foundation with a makeup brush, starting from the middle of your face moving outwards.

Es wird erklärt, wo der Concealer eingeblendet werden soll
Step 3

Brighten – Conceal

Quickly and easily conceal visible lines, dark circles, and wrinkles with a concealer.

Apply the concealer with an integrated applicator and blend it in with a soft concealer brush.

A colorless powder will visibly refine your skin and also set your face makeup thanks to its light-reflecting properties.

Die Augenbrauen werden fixiert und aufgefüllt
Step 4

Get your eyebrows in shape

Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps in the brows. Important: Sharpen the pencil first with a sharpener.

Then create a natural finish with a brush.

Hier wird erklärt, wo genau die verschiedenen Lidschatten aufgetragen werden sollen
Step 5

Keep it natural

First: An eyeshadow primer will keep your eye makeup in place the whole workday.

Apply a natural, matte eyeshadow (1) to the entire eyelid. Go for a matte, light brown color (2) on the outer corner of your eye and on your natural eye crease. Apply a dark color (3) to the outermost area of the corner of your eye and blend it on your upper eyelid. Additionally accentuate your lower lash line.

The sure-fire way to apply perfect eyeshadow!

Expert tip

Particularly in the morning when time is of the essence.

Make an eyeshadow dot on the outermost area of the corner of your eye with a normal eyeshadow brush. Then blend it in on your upper eyelid (without applying any more product) using a special brush.

Expert tip for Office makeup by ARTDECO

Senior Makeup Artist

Die Wimpern werden mit der Twist Mascara getuscht
Step 6

Open and confident eyes

For expressive eyes, now apply mascara to your lower lashes and then to your upper lashes.

Der aufgetragene Lippenstift kann mit dem Magic Fix fixiert werden
Step 7

Subtly accentuate your lips

When it comes to lipstick at the office, a subtle color is best. A touch of gloss adds a nice finish to your lips.

With Magic Fix, you don’t need to worry about smudged lipstick. Magic Fix covers your lips with an invisible, protective layer.

Das komplette Make-up kann mit dem Fixing Spray fixiert werden
Step 8

Fresh & Set

Get a fresh look with a light shimmer on your cheeks. Choose a subtle and natural blush color.

So you don’t need to think about your makeup on hectic work days, complete your look with setting spray! This spray increases the durability and radiance of your makeup and is good for freshening up office makeup throughout the day.

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