Everyday natural makeup 

No time in the morning for a complex makeup look? No problem! For a natural, light makeup look you don’t need much – especially not a lot of time. It’s guaranteed to be your new favorite everyday look.

Natural makeup is a breeze with our makeup tips
Natural makeup is a breeze with our makeup tips
Natural makeup is a breeze with our makeup tips
Natural makeup is a breeze with our makeup tips


Preparation for a natural complexion
Step 1

Even skin tone

Prepare your skin by using a fixing spray for moisture and hold, then apply a lightweight foundation or skin tint. This covers any blemishes or redness for an easy-to-achieve natural glow and even skin tone.

Hide dark circles with concealer
Step 2

Apply concealer

Even a small amount of concealer can have a big effect and give a natural result. Apply your concealer to the inner and outer corners of the eyes, the nostrils and the outer corners of the mouth to brighten up shadows. Set everything with a brightening powder for a wide-awake effect!

Conjure up a fresh-faced look with blush
Step 3

Apply blush

Color is essential, even with a natural makeup look. For blush, choose more subtle, subdued shades and avoid using too much. Start by applying it at the highest point of your cheekbones and blend the blush up to your temples in a C-shaped motion.

Natural eyebrows done simply
Step 4

Natural eyebrows

Fill in any gaps in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. It should be the same color or slightly darker than your natural brows. Set them with a clear eyebrow gel to make sure the hairs stay in place all day.

Highlight your eyes for a wide-awake look
Step 5

Natural eye makeup

You don’t need much for a natural eye makeup look. Intensify your eye look by applying darker eyeshadow to the outer corners of your eyes to create a small wing. Use a lighter eyeshadow to highlight your inner eye corners and Cupid’s bow.

Beautiful lashes with mascara
Step 6

Long lashes

If you’re not using eyeliner, use mascara to make sure your lashes are beautifully voluminous. This makes your eyes look bigger and allows you to look more awake without appearing too made-up.

Nourished lips thanks to lipstick
Step 7

Nourishing lipstick

For beautiful, nourished lips, use a lipstick that has the same qualities. It’s best to apply your subtle lipstick color using a brush – that way, you’ll have more control over the product. Now your lips are ready to go!

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Everyday natural makeup

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