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Those festive days at the end of the year really are quite special.

That’s why it’s the time to go all out with your makeup ... Our Christmas makeup look is a sure-fire way to getting a glam look for all the festivities. This much is true: There’s no such thing as too much glitter!

Vorher/Nachher des X-Mas Make-up Schminktipps
Vorher/Nachher des X-Mas Make-up Schminktipps

Oh, The Glamour!

Der finale Look des Glamour Looks von ARTDECO

Glam Makeup Tips

Outsparkle the Christmas tree ornaments – Be the epitome of glam with our Glam Look. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to follow along and get this festive look. We haven’t forgotten the glitter!

Der Crystal Mascara & Liner von Artdeco wird auf das Auge aufgetragen

Twinkle, twinkle...

Now it’s time to apply glitter mascara and liner as a top coat for your lashes. The sparkling particles leave your eyes shining as brightly as the stars.

Das Glitzerspray Artic Beauty Dust von Artdeco wird am Hals aufgesprüht

Christmas without glitter? No way!

Glitter is not just for your eyes. Go for a glitter spray to add some gorgeous glitter to your neckline, arms and hair.

Glitter spray is incredibly easy and quick to use – Spray it on the desired location, holding the nozzle approx. 30 cm away from your body.

Ein violetter Nagellack wird aufgetragen

No nails, no look

When it comes to festive occasions, painted nails are an absolute must. For the perfect Christmas look, go for our Art Couture Nail Lacquer in royal purple. Its bold and intense colors pair perfectly with darker eye makeup – Wow factor, guaranteed.

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