Makeup Tips


How do you apply makeup? Do you have your own look? A trademark? Or do you change up your makeup according to your morning mood by applying different eyeshadows and lipsticks?

We’ve put together various makeup tips to make sure that even if you’ve had a hectic morning, you’re still leaving the house with perfect makeup.

Makeup look #1: Smokey eyes – Drama, baby

Draw attention to your eyes with a smokey eye look. When is the right occasion to pull off this sultry makeup look? There are no rules! Depending on how much makeup you apply, you can even wear smokey eye makeup at the office. Just make sure you go for lighter and medium gray tones. Going out for evening drinks and a night on the town? Get ready for the evening and intensify your makeup look with a black eyeshadow, or a thick application of eyeliner. 

From natural to dramatic: A smokey eye is a real beauty classic—learn how to do it!

Makeup look #2: Wedding makeup – Elegant makeup for your big day

When it comes to your wedding day, you should definitely be the center of attention. Make sure your eyes shine bright, while also drawing attention to your smile. Perfect wedding makeup is subtle, elegant, and accentuates your natural beauty. We’ll show you how to create beautiful wedding makeup at home using professional products from ARTDECO. Don’t forget, you want your makeup to take you from day to night!

Step-by-step natural wedding makeup, which lasts the entire day. Simply enchanting!

Makeup look #3: Festival makeup – Let’s party!

Feel free to make your festival makeup a little “extra”. Up the glitter, glow, and color. We’ll fill you in on how to get this “extra” look in our festival makeup tutorial. It’s the perfect time to play with bright colors as well as exciting and bold eyeshadow looks. You can also create highlights around your eyes with a kajal.

The festival season has started, and we show you how to get the perfect outdoor makeup.

 Makeup look #4: Simple makeup – Subtle yet effective

Simple, everyday makeup should be easy to apply and subtle. Getting perfect everyday makeup means doing away with eyeshadow, kajal, and lipstick. The only things you need are a good foundation, and some concealer to conceal dark eye circles. Finish off your natural makeup look with some mascara to draw attention to your eyes. Since everyday makeup is very clean and fresh, you can use it as a base for your evening look. Perfect for meeting up with friends after work. 

Subtle, simple makeup for everyday – Learn how to apply it correctly. Step-by-step guide.

Makeup look #5: Summer makeup – Bring on the sunshine

Outshine the sun! Our experts show you which products can withstand the sun and the heat, and still look perfect after a refreshing dip in the lake. Summer makeup not only reflects the lightness of those warm, summer months, it also feels amazingly light on your skin. Put on a little bronzer for a slightly tanned look. It looks good on even the lightest of skin tones. Pair it with a light-colored eyeshadow cream to bring out the sparkle in your eyes. 

Time to get sun-kissed! Create light and natural makeup looks.

Makeup look #6: Oktoberfest makeup – Cheers! 

When it comes to Oktoberfest makeup, it needs to stay put – the entire day. Use a decent primer and a premium fixing product to keep your makeup looking fresh after a day under the tents. At Oktoberfest, it is customary to wear colorful, traditional outfits. That’s why it’s best to pair this look with subtle and natural-looking makeup. Go for an eyeshadow color that matches your apron or your dirndl. To make your lips look fuller, we recommend a light lip gloss, as it can easily be reapplied if necessary. We’ll give you tips on how to be the center of attention at Oktoberfest!

Tips for Oktoberfest beauties: Step-by-step to snazzy Oktoberfest makeup.

Makeup look #7: Office makeup – Office beauty in no time!

At work it’s all about feeling confident. With the right tricks up your sleeve, you can create subtle, yet elegant office makeup in no time. We’ll show you how to change up your makeup routine, and get a fresh look. Keep your office makeup looking fresh with a little Fixing Spray. Now nothing can stop you during those late afternoon meetings.

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