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Attention all beauty fans! Here’s a tried-and-tested tip that you’re sure to love. Let us show you how to make your lips fuller – without going under the knife. Simply follow our instructions to achieve stunning lips with unbelievable volume using just a few beauty products.

Vorher und Nachher mit größer geschminkten Lippen
Vorher und Nachher mit größer geschminkten Lippen
Vorher und Nachher mit größer geschminkten Lippen
Vorher und Nachher mit größer geschminkten Lippen

How to

Lippenpeeling auftragen um entstehende Lippenkrusten zu verhindern
Step 1


Exfoliating your lips removes dead skin cells and helps to prevent dryness and chapping. It also stimulates circulation in your lips, thus making them look more voluminous.

Simply apply the exfoliator to your lips, massage it in, and then remove with a damp cotton pad.

Lippenbalsam zu perfekten Vorbereitung der Lippen
Step 2


Applying lip balm is the ideal way to prepare your lips for their make-up transformation. It immediately treats your lips to an intensive moisturizing boost, which is particularly important for ensuring that your lipstick stays put on dry, chapped, and rough lips.

By the way: Introducing lip care products as an integral element of your beauty routine will always keep your lips looking perfectly cared for.

Expert tip

To make your lips look bigger, choose a lip liner in a natural skin tone and apply it slightly above the lip line before blending it outwards with your fingertips.

This will perfectly model your lips and visibly correct any unevenness.

Mineral Lip Styler als Vergrößerungs-Effekt der Lippen benutzen
Daniela Rother

Senior Makeup Artist

Lip Liner benutzen, um eine natürliche Kontur nachzuzeichnen
Step 3


For luscious lips, now use your lip liner to precisely trace the natural contour of your lips. The impact of a well-defined lip contour should not be underestimated and what’s more, the lip liner will also prevent your lipstick from bleeding into your lip lines.

When selecting your lip liner color, opt for a shade that goes well with your chosen lipstick. If you want to create an even more eye-catching effect, choose a darker shade of lip liner than your lipstick color. Give it a try!

Male die Lippen innerhalb der Kontur aus für eine bessere Farbintensität
Step 4

Contour 2

To make your lipstick last even longer and achieve an intensive color finish, use the lip liner to color in your lips within the contour.

Einen deckenden Lippenstift mit einem Lippen Pinsel auftragen
Step 5

Applying lipstick

Now it’s time to apply the lipstick. Be sure to use a high-coverage lipstick. This will enable you to achieve a strong color impact, which will in turn give your lips visibly more volume.

Magic Fix für eine bessere Haltbarkeit auftragen
Step 6


For the ultimate durability of your volumizing lip make-up, finish off your lips with a thin coating of Magix Fix.

First use a tissue to remove any excess lipstick before applying Magic Fix with the integrated brush and leaving it to dry.

Do you want shine and volume? 

Hot Chili Lip Boost auftragen um mehr Glanz und Volumen zu bekommen

Hot Chili Lip Booster

This lip gloss gives your lips a natural boost that makes them truly irresistible. Its enriched red pepper extract stimulates micro-circulation to give you rosy and voluminous lips. Small glitter particles additionally reflect the light and leave your lips looking even fuller.

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