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Mineral makeup has taken the makeup industry by storm, and is here to stay. 

It highlights your natural beauty, adding glow and intrigue to your skin. 

Mineral Products

 Lip Liner Von ARTDECO in verschiedenen Farben

Mineral lip liner pencils

Mineral lip liner pencils have a creamy texture and are very pleasant to wear.

They are also long lasting and prevent your lipstick from bleeding, giving your lips a perfect finish.

Mineral Eyeshadow Base von ARTDECO

Mineral eye shadow primer  

Its soft, creamy consistency visually minimizes the appearance of fine lines and imperfections, and increases the staying power of your powder eyeshadow.

It also increases the intensity of your eyeshadow color – for brilliant eyes.

Hier wird ein Puder in offener und geschlossener Form gezeigt

Picking up powder

Put a little powder in the foundation lid. Pick up the powder with a powder brush. Hold the brush vertically (hair facing upwards) and remove any excess powder by tapping the handle against the back of your hand to ensure it is evenly distributed in the brush.

Es wird ein Pinsel gezeigt

Applying face powder

Apply a thin layer of foundation to your skin in a circular motion, working your way inwards from the outside of your face.

To complete your look, apply a natural and nourishing lipstick and mascara.

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