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Looking for long-lasting makeup that can withstand any situation? No problem for our experts! 

They’ll help you get an incredibly long-lasting and intense look. Discover your own long-lasting look.

How to

How to get waterproof face makeup

Hier sieht man eine Beauty Box mit manchen Camouflage Nuancen
Step 1

Apply camouflage cream as a concealer

Using a brush, apply a camouflage cream to all the parts of your face needing coverage. To get even more coverage, or to hide dark circles around your eyes, pick up some camouflage cream on a spatula and apply the creamy makeup under the eyes in layers using a brush.

Es wird das Fixing Powder gezeigt
Step 2


Put a little setting powder in the lid of your compact and pick it up with your powder puff. Distribute the powder on the puff, tapping off any excess powder on your hand, then softly pat the powder onto your entire face using the puff. After 30 seconds, simply remove any excess powder with a brush.

How to set your makeup quickly and easily

Hier wird gezeigt, wie das Fixing Spray aufgesprüht wird
Step 1

Prime, fix, refresh

Spray your face with 1-2 pumps of our Fixing Spray. It leaves your skin feeling fresh, primed, and ready for makeup.

Hier wird der Concealer aufgetragen
Step 2

Apply makeup & concealer

Apply your favorite face makeup with a brush. Cover any dark eye circles with a concealer. Pat the concealer under your eyes in a semi-circular motion and blend it in using the applicator or a brush.

Hier wird ein Fixierungspuder gezeigt
Step 3

Mattify your skin with powder

Powder gives your complexion a matte look, sets your makeup, and blends perfectly into your skin. The best way to set your concealer is to apply the powder around your eyes in a figure-8 motion using a brush. Next, set your face makeup with two additional pumps of the Fixing Spray.

How to intensify your look and increase the staying power of your eyeshadow

Hier wird eine Eyeshadow aufgetragen
Step 1

Create a perfect base

Get the perfect base for any eyeshadow with our Eyeshadow Base. Gently apply the creamy base to your eyelids using a brush. Allow to air dry.

Es wird ein Lidschatten aufgetragen
Step 2

Apply eyeshadow

Apply your favorite eyeshadow to your entire eyelid.

Hier wird der Unterschied aufgezeigt, mit und ohne Eyeshadow Base
Step 3

Guaranteed wow factor

Our Eyeshadow Base makes your eye makeup unbelievably long-lasting and makes the colors more radiant.

How to get kiss-proof lipstick

Hier werden der Lip Liner, sowie der Lippenstift aufgetragen
Step 1

Apply lip liner & lipstick

Apply a waterproof lip liner to the contours of your lips as usual. Next, apply a lipstick. Remove any excess lipstick with a facial tissue.

Der Magic Fix wird zur Fixierung auf die Lippen aufgetragen
Step 2

Set your lipstick

For kiss-proof lipstick that doesn’t budge, apply a thin layer of Magic Fix to your lips. Make sure to apply it outside the contours of your lips, too, to stop your lipstick from bleeding. Allow Magic Fix to dry on slightly open lips – it’s normal to feel a slight tingle.

Hier sieht man die Wirkung des Magic Fix
Step 3


Thanks to Magic Fix, your lipstick is now completely kiss-proof and won’t leave behind any marks on cups or glasses. Pure magic!

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