Makeup Tips


With just a few tips and tricks, you can look fresh and healthy every day – no magic needed! 

Learn more about how to get perfect foundation and how to become a pro when it comes to color correcting, contouring, or strobing.

Want to cover up blemishes? Learn how to easily conceal pimples and redness with makeup.

Bronzing – the feeling of summer on your skin

Lightly tanned skin looks healthy and fresh, giving us a touch of those amazing vacation vibes. However, when applying bronzing powder it is important not to use too much or too little – and to apply it to the right spots! In our makeup tips for bronzing, we’ll tell you what to keep in mind and where the right spots are.

Add sun-kissed freshness to your complexion. Learn how to apply bronzer properly.

Color correcting – quick tips that make a real difference

Redness, dark circles, pale skin tone – of course we can all relate. Nevertheless, these little imperfections can be quite bothersome. With color correction, you’ve got a little help on your side. In our makeup guide, you can learn all about how to benefit from different types of concealer in subtle pastel colors!

Contouring – new facial features in just a few brush strokes

Contouring practically has magical powers when it comes to easily and visibly changing the shape of your face. This technique helps us emphasize our best facial features while subtly concealing those little details we’re not so keen on. We’ll explain how to accentuate your best features with the right mix of bronzing powder and highlighter.

Learn how to properly contour your face. Perfect for beginners with tips from the pros.

Mineral makeup – the power of natural minerals

Makeup made from minerals like zinc and magnesium? Sounds exquisite. It is. The best part? It is suitable for all skin types. Mineral makeup gives you a clear complexion that radiates freshness and natural vitality. Learn more about this all-rounder here!

Mineral makeup for perfect, natural-looking coverage, without clogging your pores.

Blush – youthful freshness in just a few seconds

A little color on your cheeks leaves you looking refreshed and healthy in the blink of an eye. Blush also comes as a cream or a powder. Learn all about how you can ideally accentuate your face shape with blush in our face makeup tips all about blush.

Blush also perfectly accentuates your face contours to suit the shape of your face.

Strobing – outshine the sun

Strobing means applying shimmering highlights to selected areas. The immediate effects are added freshness and a healthy glow. Learn about which parts of your face you should be emphasizing and what you’ll achieve by doing so.

Step-by-step we’ll show you how to get glowing skin and add highlights to your makeup.

An even skin ton – the right care for healthy skin

For a healthy and even skin tone, daily deep cleansing is an absolute must. Makeup residue and excess oil are washed away, leaving your skin to breathe freely and give off a natural glow. Learn about the importance of cleansing foam, peelings, facial toner, and moisturizer, as well as how to keep your look natural after cleansing by using concealer, setting powder etc.

With our makeup guide, we’ll teach you how to get it right!

Long lasting – for hot days and long nights

Whether it be a day at the pool or the beach, or nights spent dancing non-stop, we need perfectly set makeup that we can count on. Only then are we able to deal with every situation worry-free and focus on what’s in front of us. Learn more about waterproof makeup!

Kiss-proof lipstick, Intense & extremely long-lasting eyeshadow. Discover long-lasting.

Become a makeup pro – with face makeup ideas from ARTDECO!

Whatever it is you’re looking for – whether it be simple makeup for everyday or a vacation, or tried and tested tricks from the pros for your next party, you’ll find everything you need to know in our face makeup tips! Getting an amazing look has never been so easy!

Frequently asked questions

Everyone has a different skin color and skin type. That’s why you should go for a foundation that is tailored to your individual skin needs. 

Which ARTDECO foundation is perfect for me? Check out our foundation overview with information on texture, skin type and coverage. Still not sure? Take our foundation test. Or go for a personal, professional, and tailored consultation in a store near you.

Powder protects your makeup from smudging by acting as a protective barrier every time you subconsciously touch your face. It also keeps your skin looking even and smooth, and keeps shine to a minimum.

What’s more, powder protects your skin against damaging environmental factors, like the sun, wind, or cold.

If you have dry skin, it’s important that the foundation has nourishing and moisturizing properties. A medium coverage is just right, without feeling heavy. This leaves you with soft, silky, and smooth-looking skin in every light, and gives you a fresh, flawless, and radiant look.

For dry skin we recommend our High Definition Foundation.

If you have oily skin, your foundation should definitely be oil-free. To reduce the appearance of oily skin and visibly minimize the size of your pores, go for makeup with oil-absorbing properties. Your skin will be left looking matte, smooth, and even.

For oily skin we recommend the oil-free Perfect Teint Foundation.

If you have combination skin with dry cheeks and an oily T-zone, go for a light, oil-free foundation that is both mattifying and long-lasting.

For combination skin we recommend the Perfect Teint Foundation, or the light Mineral Powder Foundation.

Foundations with anti-aging properties give mature skin a flawless finish. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out thanks to a high proportion of firming and intensely moisturizing ingredients, and your skin is left looking smooth and even. We also recommend foundations with light-reflecting pigments, that visibly reduce any dark circles and lines, and leave your skin looking fresh and radiant.

For mature skin we recommend the Rich Treatment Foundation.

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