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Breathtaking lashes in no time. Get perfectly curled lashes with our makeup tips.

How to

Hier wird der Eyeliner aufgetragen
Step 1

Tightline & intensify

Apply eyeliner to your upper lash line.

To finish, intensify the line with an eyeshadow.

Die Wimpern werden grundiert
Step 2


Apply a mascara primer to your lashes to get them ready for mascara.

Die Mascara wird aufgetragen
Step 3


Step 1 “Lengthening” from the Twist for Volume Mascara separates and lengthens your lashes.

Hier wird den Wimpern Volumen verliehen
Step 4


Step 2 “Volume” from the Twist for Volume mascara curls your lashes.

Expert tip

Whether it be the pool, sweat, or tears, the Waterproof Maker keeps all types of mascara waterproof.

Expert tip on How to apply mascara by ARTDECO
Macedonio de Oliveira Bezerra

International Makeup Artist

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