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Breathtaking lashes—guaranteed! We fill you in on how to apply your mascara the right way to avoid clumping, whether you can use mascara after a lash lift, and give you quick tips on how to conjure up a lash look that makes false lashes obsolete.

How to

An eyeliner is applied to the upper lash line.
Step 1

Tightline & intensify

Use eyeliner or kajal to carefully draw a line along your upper waterline. This will make your lashes look fuller and your eyes look bigger. To finish, intensify the line with an eyeshadow.

A base mascara is applied.
Step 2

Preparation is key

Looking for volume and curl? Then use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes into the right shape. For a significant increase in volume, follow this up by applying a mascara base to your lashes. This offers optimal volume and visible lengthening.  

The mascara is applied to the upper lash line.
Step 3

The sure-fire method for a perfect application

Say goodbye to spider lashes and uneven mascara application. By moving the mascara brush in a precise zig-zag motion, your lashes will be perfectly separated and evenly coated with mascara. By adding another coat, you’ll increase the curl and volume of your lashes and can precisely lengthen even the finest individual lashes.

A mascara is applied to the lower lash line.
Step 4

Should I apply mascara to my lower lashes?

The answer is simple: yes, you should also apply mascara to your lower lashes. By defining your lower lash line with mascara, your eyes will immediately look larger and more open. Hold the brush at a slight angle in order to more easily reach the fine lashes.

Expert tip

When applying mascara after a lash lift, 
a comb-like mascara brush grips lifted lashes best and defines them from root to tip. 

The Wonder Lash Mascara brush precisely grips both the upper and lower lashes. 

Make-up artist Daneila Roth recommends the Wonder Lash Mascara.
Daniela Rother

Make-up Artist

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