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Cat Eyes

Looking for festive eye makeup? Get that wild cat look with perfect cat eye makeup – and add a touch of wickedness to your look!

In our step-by-step guide, we show you how to easily apply cat eye makeup.

Cat eyes before and after
Cat eyes before and after
Cat eyes before and after
Cat eyes before and after

How to

Eyeshadow Base is applied to the lid
Step 1

Eyeshadow Base

Applying an Eyeshadow Base increases the staying power of your eyeshadow. It also serves to keep the color in place, and prevents your eyeshadow from settling into your eye crease.

To get cat eyes, you’ll need three shades of the same eyeshadow color (one light, one medium and one dark).

A medium-colored eyeshadow is applied to the lid
Step 2

Neutral Eyeshadow

Apply the medium eyeshadow color to your lids. Using an eyeshadow brush, blend it in starting from the middle of your eyes, moving the brush towards the inside and outside.

A light-colored eyeshadow is applied to the lid
Step 3

Light Eyeshadow

Using a light-colored eyeshadow, add highlights to the inside corners of your eyes. To create the appearance of larger eyes, a light-colored eyeshadow can also be applied under the highest part of your brows.

A dark-colored eyeshadow is applied to the lid
Step 4

Dark Eyeshadow

To add depth to your look, apply dark eyeshadow to the outer corners of your eyes (the last third of your eyes) and along your eye crease. Blend it in using a circular motion starting from the outside and working your way inwards.

A glitter eyeshadow is applied to the lid
Step 5

Glitter Eyeshadow

Apply the medium and dark shades along your lower lash line. To intensify your festive look, add some glitter eyeshadow to your lids.

Eyeliner is applied to the eye
Step 6


Using an eyeliner, draw a thin line along your upper lash line. For perfect cat eyes, extend the line outwards diagonally, starting from the outer corner of your eye (as far as the outer corner of your eyebrow) Next, draw a second line back towards the corner of your eye and fill in the triangle with your eyeliner.

Mascara is applied to the lashes
Step 7


Start by applying mascara to your lower lashes (looking upwards), and then to your upper lashes. To draw attention to your cat eyes, apply an extra layer of mascara to the last third of your lashes.

Shimmering finish

Expert tip

When it comes to your lips, pair bold eye makeup looks like cat eyes with berry shades to bring out the natural color of your lips.

Go for some lip gloss to give your lips a shiny finish. Now nothing can stop you from making a glamorous entrance!

Expert tip on cat eyes from ARTDECO
Alisa Kolb

Digital Makeup Artist

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