Makeup tips

Makeup is fun. And the right makeup at the right time helps us feel even better in our own skin. 

Have fun with our experts tricks, step-by-step guides, and practical video tutorials on makeup for eyes, face, lips, and nails!

Eye makeup – Makeup tips for the most beautiful batting lashes

Our eyes are a particularly expressive part of our face. That is also likely the reason why they love being accentuated with makeup. The focus can either be on your brows, or on your eyes themselves. Eyeshadow or eyeliner can be striking and bring out your features, or you can go for a natural look by simply applying a light coating of mascara to your lashes. Whatever you choose, our makeup guides are sure to help you with any questions you might have and give you the best makeup ideas.

Seductively beautiful eyes thanks to expert tips from ARTDECO.

tips for glowing skin – Glow from the outside just as you do from the inside!

We all want a clear and fresh complexion to use as a base for stunning makeup. Skin impurities should be discreetly concealed to bring out our best facial features and leave our skin tone looking healthy and radiant. How does this work? The key words are bronzing, contouring, strobing, concealer, and blush. In our makeup guides put together by our makeup artists, you can read about how to use various techniques and tools to get a perfect complexion in no time! You’ll soon be using powders and brushes like a pro.

Radiantly beautiful skin with the best makeup tips from skin expert ARTDECO.

Lip makeup – Care and color for your kissable mouth

Depending on the look, we can go for makeup-free lips or accentuate them with color. In both cases, our lips should look well-kept — But what can you actually do to take care of your lips? Which colors best suit different skin tones and lip shapes? What can you do to keep your lipstick on your kissable mouth for as long as possible? In our makeup tips, we answer all of these questions for you and help you get perfect lip makeup!

Seductively beautiful lips thanks to expert lip makeup ideas from ARTDECO.

Painting your nails – Manicures made easy with our tips

We need our hands for practical work. They are often the body part that is the most exposed to harmful environmental factors. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, it’s important that we take good care of our hands. Whether you’re going for a natural look, or long, colorful nails, groomed fingernails leave a tidy impression and look very attractive. In our tips and tricks for nails from our experts, learn about the secrets to getting a perfect manicure!

Manicured nails, trendy nail looks and practical nail polish tips from ARTDECO.

the best Makeup Looks – Makeup Inspiration for glowing results

Whether it be for everyday or a special occasion, a wedding, a business meeting, or a date – some days we just want to rock a flawless look. In our makeup tips for a wide range of looks, you can learn about how to get perfect glamour makeup, how to achieve stunning cat eyes with eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara, as well as which color you should wear on your lips to pull the look together. Or how you can achieve a subtle everyday look in the blink of an eye. Be inspired by our various makeup ideas for every occasion.

Long-lasting makeup for every style and occasion. Discover ARTDECO makeup looks!

Frequently asked questions

When it comes to applying makeup, everyone has different tastes. Whether natural and subtle, or bright and intense, makeup is meant to let your imagination run free. 

We’ve put together a few helpful makeup tips and looks. Simply follow along when applying your makeup. 

Makeup comes in liquid, creamy, and compact form. Choose makeup according to your desired effect, keeping in mind factors such as coverage, feel, and skin type.

Finding the right texture for you depends on your individual needs (see our foundation overview). After all, your makeup should make you and your skin feel good.

Our makeup has been specially developed to work together with your skin’s natural functions. We always strive to ensure that your skin’s functions aren’t impeded in any way. So you don’t need to worry about applying ARTDECO makeup every day.

Don’t forget to wash your face every night. It’s important to always thoroughly remove all traces of makeup from your face before going to bed. This beauty ritual is one of the most important secrets to getting beautiful skin. Find all the products you need under face care.

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