Full Precision Lipstick

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Precise lipstick with triangular tip
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Precise lipstick with triangular tip
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Are you ready for a make-up innovation? The Full Precision Lipstick has a completely new triangular shape and allows an absolutely precise application. The exact tip and the straight edges of the Lip Stylo make it easy to apply a precise make-up even on the smallest parts of the lips such as the corners of the mouth. The texture feels as velvety as a balm. The handy stylo shape allows a comfortable and effortless application.

Product qualities:
  • Innovative triangular shape for precise application
  • Handy stylo shape
  • Semi-matt, satin finish
  • Long durability
  • Rotatable lead
  • Combinable with Magic Fix for better durability
  • With Vitamin E
  • Perfum-free. Free of parabens and talc.
Just apply the lipstick to your lips. Once the tip has worn out, unscrew the lead and wipe off its surface with a tissue to obtain a straight surface of the lipstick.

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Please note: To get the best textures, we always draw on the latest scientific findings. This may result in changes to the product labeling.

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