Ridge Filler with Minerals
Ridge Filler with Minerals  

Ridge Filler

Balancing nourishing nail lacquer with minerals.




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This smoothing base coat balances unevenness and ridges of the nail surface through a combination of mineral particles, quartz, vitamin E and nutmeg rose oil. The body of the nails is moisturized and protected against free radicals, while the growth is stimulated. They appear more even and nourished. The ridge filler dries quickly and protects the nails against discoloration. Applied alone the ridgefiller gives the nails a light, well-groomed shimmer.

Detailed information of the ingredients can be found here:

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  • The Ridge filler is to be applied to the cleaned nails like a nail lacquer. Apply one layer as base coat. When having an extemely uneven body of the nail, use several times and let dry each layer. Then, use colored varnish as usual.