Nail Power with Keratin
Nail Power with Keratin  

Nail Power with Keratin

Nourishing polish with keratin for brittle, soft nails.




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Keratin is the foundation of healthy nail growth. It strengthens and hardens the natural nail bed, smooths brittle nail tips and nourishes the nail. Nail power and keratin strengthen and harden brittle, soft and peeling nails and nourishes them back to health. Give your nails their strength back!

Product details at a glance:

  • Effective mixture of keratin and lentiscus resin strengthens the nail structure.
  • Vitamin A and E nourishes the nails.
  • Dries quickly
  • Matte nude finish.
  • Suitable to use as a base coat.
  • Ideal for soft, brittle and peeling nails.
Our testers confirm:
  • The polish strengthens thin (80%) and soft (75%) nails perfectly.
  • Right after applying the polish the nails look nourished (75%) and matte (81%).
  • The polish applies easily and dries within seconds (75%).

Detailed information of the ingredients can be found here:

ARTDECO makeup   and   ARTDECO care

  • Apply the nail power with keratin evenly as a nourishing base onto your nails (the should be free of nail polish and oils). You can also use the polish as a monthly treatment. Used as a monthly treatment, the polish should be removed every two days with acetone free nail polish remover and then reapplied.