4 in 1 File
4 in 1 File  

4 in 1 File

Padded nail file with four different surfaces




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This special file for smoothing and polishing the nail surface is perfect for the purse. The 4-in-1 File is ideal for natural and artificial nails. It shortens nails and evens out uneven areas and grooves. Besides, the file gives the nails an intensive, natural shine and seals the nail surface. Very pleasant to apply.

With thin and sensitive nails, only use the grey side for polishing.

Detailed information of the ingredients can be found here:

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  • The black side shortens and shapes the nails. Furthermore, splitting nails can be corrected.

    Pink side: To correct the shape of the nail, to smooth minor grooves and unevenness (this side should only be used again when the nail has regrown and grooves and unevenness appear anew)

    White side: To seal the nail tip, to smooth minor uneven areas, to remove slight discoloration

    Grey side: To polish the body of the nail (both white and grey side can be used as required to refresh the shine)