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ARTDECO Nail Files - For a professional-like manicure

High-quality ARTDECO Nail Files

Whether you have round, square, pointed, long or short nails, ARTDECO nail files help you quickly and effortlessly shape your nails. Oval tips, going just past the fingertips, are currently in style. Especially with French Nails which emphasize the nail tip, a perfectly shaped nail shape is important. Thanks to high quality workmanship, exclusive ARTDECO nail files are highly durable. Tip: nail professionals recommend only filing your nails in one direction--from the edge of your nail towards the center. ARTDECO Glass File gently smooths delicate nails. Use Super Nail Polisher to give your nails a shiny finish without painting them. The padded file evens out grooves, bumps, and discoloration. Seal brittle nails with the Mineral File. This special file protects brittle, delicate nails and prevents from further splitting with microfine crystals. Use ARTDECO nail files are perfect for filing your nails!