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Home fragrance and scented candles make your home feel extra cozy.

Come home and feel at ease. Pleasant home fragrances or scented candles will make your home feel extra cozy. Because scents can directly affect our mood, since our sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic system which is responsible for our emotions. Aroma therapy is also based on these principles. Depending on different ingredients in essential oils, the home fragrances can have different effects on our mood.

A short guide: How to find the perfect home fragrance or the best scented candle

Home fragrances with scented sticks or scented candles wrap your home in a special atmosphere. The home fragrances or scented candles from our online shop are ideal as an accessory or decorative element in your home. The scented sticks are placed inside a small colorful vase which can be selected to suit your home decor. The high-quality scented candles come in a glass container which will make your home feel extra cozy. How to find the fragrance best suited for you? On one hand you can choose one to match your interior style. A retro chic or romantic style is best matched with sweeter scents which bewitch you with their lovely notes. For example Sensual Balance or Deep Relaxation. Modern decors with clean lines are best paired with subtle and pure or fresh and fruity scents such as New Energy or Sensual Balance. Or choose the essentials oils, contained in the home fragrance or scented candles, to match your mood just like in aroma therapy. Do your crave relaxation and calm and tranquility? Then a soothing scent such as Deep Relaxation with its asian neroli or sandalwood is the one for your. The home fragrance and scented candle Sensual Balance with ylang-ylang and patchouli also work wonder for relaxing and calming your senses. Or do you prefer an energy boost - Ginger and goji berries in our New Energy scent will give you an extra boost. The home fragrance and the high-quality scented candle from our online shop will revitalize your senses with these two ingredients and give you new energy.