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Foot scrub - the rubbing treatment for beautiful feet

Our feet carry us reliably through life on a daily basis. So in the case of women, they have to go through a lot. Whether high heels, comfortable boots, sports shoes or flat ballerina shoes, the shoes that look irresistible are often bad for the feet. If you have time to put your feet up, a comprehensive pedicure will make you feel incredibly good. Scrub and apply cream to the feet, as the saying goes. Your feet will thank you. Beautiful feet don't only feel good during sandal weather.

Foot scrub - the best care for your feet

Feet present their most refined side when they have been scrubbed regularly. A foot scrubbing rids the skin of dead cells. This prevents the formation of unsightly calluses, which can even cause pain. At the same time, the rubbing treatment stimulates blood circulation and makes the feet beautifully rosy. Tired feet are restored to full health in a flash.

Foot scrub - what is important?

Take time to pamper your feet. Why not make the foot scrub a fixed part of your weekly beauty ritual? So that your feet can recover well following the scrub, rub your feet in the evening for best results. First, treat yourself to a foot bath with warm water to make the skin softer. Old skin cells can be removed more easily this way. Then gently massage the scrub into your feet and rinse the fine grains with lukewarm water. The skin is now ideally prepared to receive care ingredients. Apply a rich cream to your feet. For best results, apply the cream generously, put on some cotton socks and leave overnight. You'll wake up the next morning with feet that feel as soft as velvety paws.