Serum & Concentrates

Serum & Concentrates
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ARTDECO Facial Care - Radiant Skin with Serums and Concentrates

ARTDECO Facial Care

Luxury ARTDECO facial care: serums and concentrates are the true elixirs of beauty. These exclusive wonders contain concentrated nutrients that intensively pamper your skin. Thanks to their light textures, these nutrients still have fully effect deep skin tissue. Tip: Apply serum or concentrate after you clean your skin, but before putting on any face cream. This order is particularly good for your skin as it lets your absorb valuable nutrients. ARTDECO offers a selection of fine facial care products which contain concentrated nutrients: ARTDECO Bi-Phase Moisture Serum simultaneously gives dry skin an intensive moisturizing boost and helps to stabilize the skin’s natural protective barrier. ARTDECO facial care helps your skin stay radiantly beautiful!