Repair & Care Lip Oil
Repair & Care Lip Oil  

Repair & Care Lip Oil

Rich lip oil with a light formula and long-term nourishing effects.




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The repair & care lip oil makes chapped lips a thing from the past. Carefully selected, silky-smooth oils intensely nourish your lips. It is slowly absorbed into the lips, nourishes your lips long-term and still feels incredibly light and pleasant on your lips. Your lips will look deeply moisturized with a soft sheen.

Product details at a glance:

  • Light formula with a long-lasting nourishing effect
    The transparent formula lightly coats your lips. The best part: even though it only covers your lips lightly it sinks in slowly and provides the lips bit by bit with nourishing ingredients. It nourishes the lips long-term without feeling heavy. Your lips look instantly more healthy and well nourished.
  • With rich oils and nourishing ingredients
    The lip oil reconditions even chapped, cracked and dry lips with its carefully selected nourishing oils such as jojoba oil, precious argan oil and sunflower seeds oil. Additionally, ingredients such as shea butter and aloe vera provide the skin with moisture.
  • Soft shiny finish
  • Not sticky on the lips
  • Gentle vanilla scent
  • Sponge applicator for easy application
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Detailed information of the ingredients can be found here:

ARTDECO makeup   and   ARTDECO care

  • Apply the repair & care lip oil with the integrated applicator onto your lips.