Protection Lip Balm SPF 20
Protection Lip Balm SPF 20  

Protection Lip Balm SPF 20

Lip balm with SPF 20




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The Protection Lip Balm simultaneously protects and nourishes the lips. With an SPF of 20, the Protection Lip Balm ideally protects the delicate lip area from the negative impacts of UV-radiation, sun burn and premature aging. Precious palm oil, extracted from the fruit of sustainably cultivated oil palms, evens the skin and has a lipid-replenishing effect. The sensitive lip area is softened and smoothened. In addition, palm oil contains vitamin E, which supports the repair of cells damaged by UV rays. Natural waxes like candelilla wax ensure comfortable wear, and form a thin film on the lips, which in turn helps reduce trans-epidermal moisture loss. Bisabolol, extracted from chamomile, has an anti-inflammatory effect, alleviates irritations and has a calming effect. A delicate vanilla aroma rounds off the product with a pleasant application experience.

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  • Apply the Protection Lip Balm directly to your lips.