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ARTDECO Face Peel for a Rosy Complexion and Silky Smooth Skin

Gentle ARTDECO Face Peel

High-quality ARTDECO face peels are important beauty products for a radiant, even complexion. Used once or twice a week, the peels stimulate blood circulation, giving the skin a rosy, fresh appearance and gently removing dead skin cells. It is important that you choose the correct face peel for your skin type. For example, you should use a gentle mousse, gel with fine exfoliating particles, or an enzyme exfoliation on sensitive skin.The mild ARTDECO Ferment Peeling, smoothes the skin with the enzyme papain and is perfect for sensitive or blemished skin. The innovative Advanced Exfoliating Facial Gel is a good choice for any skin type, including sensitive skin, as its novel peeling complex gently removes dead skin cells. ARTDECO face peels are the perfect preparation for subsequent care. They open your pores and thus increase the skin’s ability to absorb other skin care products. After a face peel, use a face toner to refresh your skin. Lastly, use a rich ARTDECO face cream to pamper your skin with essential nutrients.