Face Mask

Face Mask
  1. Face Mask Hyaluronic Intensive Face Mask with ginkgo


  2. Face Mask Regenerating Anti-Age Mask


ARTDECO Face Masks - Radiantly Beautiful Skin

Rich ARTDECO Face Masks

ARTDECO face masks nourishes your skin with precious essences and conjures up a youthful complexion. For optimum results, wear a face mask, once or twice a week after a facial peel or cleansing. The exclusive ARTDECO face masks suit varying skin types. The SOS Calming Mask is a good face mask for dry skin. This mask soothes and nourishes extremely dry and sensitive skin. Does your skin feel weak and tired? The refreshing Beauty Flash Mask gives your skin a vitality kick and intensive moisture. Pamper yourself at home by indulging in the rich ARTDECO face masks!