1. Toner Soothing Tonic with hamamelis


  2. Toner Oxyvital Tonic Spray


ARTDECO Facial Toner - Refreshes and cleanses the skin

ARTDECO Soothing Facial Toner

ARTDECO skin lotion gently refreshes and thoroughly cleans your skin. After the facial cleanser, toner removes the last of any cleanser or makeup residue. ARTDECO facial toner gives your face moisture, freshness and well-being. Simply dab toner on a cotton pad, and wipe it over your face, neck and décolleté. Created from mild formulas, ARTDECO toners fit every skin type. For example, the Soothing Tonic contains zinc and calcium, both valuable nutrients for the skin, which nourish sensitive skin and stimulate cell metabolism. Without alcohol or preservatives, the the mild facial tonic soothes and nourishes the skin leaving it soft and supple. Thoroughly, yet gently cleaning, ARTDECO toners optimally prepare your skin for nourishment.