1. Cleanser White Tea Cleansing Mousse


  2. Cleanser White Tea Cleansing Mousse (Special Size)


Thorough yet gentle: ARTDECO products for facial cleansing

ARTDECO Facial Cleanser

Mild ARTDECO facial cleansing products rid your skin thoroughly and gently of dirt and makeup. A careful, daily, facial cleansing is the foundation for a bright and beautiful complexion. Just using water is often not enough to thoroughly clean your face because water only cleans the skin’s surface. In contrast, ARTDECO facial cleansing products are ideally matched to fit the needs of different skin types and penetrate deep into pores. The moisturizing Deep and Gentle Cleansing Milk cleanses dry skin softly and gently. The Gentle Cleansing Powder reliably frees oily, blemished skin from dirt particles. Use a little water to lather the ARTDECO Cleansing Powder and rub it gently onto your face. The White Tea Cleansing Mousse is a delicate, creamy, cleansing foam which removes makeup residue without drying your face out. To refresh and clean your skin more thoroughly, carry a facial tonic and pamper your face with a nourishing face cream. Tip: Your complexion will be more even and gorgeous if you use a face scrub once or twice a week. Take care of your face by daily using ARTDECO products to cleanse your face for perfect skin!