1. Deodorant Pure Deo Roll On - aluminium free


  2. Deodorant All Day Antiperspirant Deo Roll On


Deo - a constant companion

Deo is indispensable for many men and women. This is because effective deodorants help you feel good throughout the entire day. Deodorants always accompany you in your backpack or handbag. No wonder that many swear by a roll-on deodorant. It's small, compact and super convenient for refreshing quickly while on the go. Moreover, roll-on deodorants are economical and environmentally friendly. They usually have a more subtle scent than, for example, sprays, and can therefore be optimally combined with your favorite perfume.

Antitranspirant? Antiperspirant? Deodorant? Help in the deodorant jungle!

Antitranspirant, antiperspirant, deodorant ... many names - same effect? Not entirely. A deodorant, which is referred to as antitranspirant or antiperspirant, has antiperspirant properties. It narrows the pores and ensures that less sweat is produced. It is particularly recommended for people who perspire heavily. Classic deodorants, in contrast, mask unpleasant body odor with perfume. They are usually aluminum-free and refresh with precious perfumes and delightful aromas. Incidentally: ARTDECO has both. The sensual, fragrant All Day Antiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant by SENSES Asian Spa reduces perspiration. The aluminum-free Pure Roll-On Deodorant keeps you fresh with a delicate fragrance of white lotus and rice milk. Pleasantly cared for throughout the day!