Body Spray

  1. Body Spray Aromatic Body Fragrance


  2. Body Spray Aromatic Body Fragrance


  3. Body Spray Aromatic Body Fragrance


Body spray: Perfect beauty helper for your morning routine.

Body spray is ideal for the morning care routine. Do you shower, pull on your clothes in a hurry, slap on your makeup and dash to the office? Does that sound familiar? Skin care is often neglected in the regular morning rush. It is too much hassle to wait until the body milk is absorbed so that it doesn't smudge your clothes. A quick solution for keeping skin in tiptop condition despite the morning rush is body spray.

Body spray – weightless care and light scent

The fine care spray is sprayed gently on the skin and absorbed immediately. Since it doesn't leave an annoying greasy film, you can slip on your clothes right after applying it and start your day freshly groomed. So that the spray is applied finely and evenly on the skin, you should spray at a distance of 20 to 30 centimeters from the skin. At the same time, the body spray envelops you in your favorite scent. In contrast to classic perfume, the scent of a body spray is lighter and can be applied to the whole body. In the summer it allows your skin cooling breaks. It's ideal for refreshing yourself on the go and feeling looked after the whole day. Body spray gives you a sense of pure well-being.