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Fresh, Radiant Skin with ARTDECO Body Scrub

Nourishing ARTDECO body scrub

ARTDECO scrubs give your skin a fine, even complexion with luxurious essences and gentle exfoliating particles. The ancient Egyptians improved their skin with a scrub of salt, alabaster and oils. In Turkish hammams (steam rooms), loose skin cells on the body are traditionally scrubbed off with a glove. Used once or twice a week, ARTDECO scrubs gently remove dead skin cells, stimulate circulation, and improve the capacity of the skin to absorb active ingredients. The result: rosy, radiant skin. The aromatic scented Macadamia Body Scrub exfoliates very gently with fine bamboo granules. The paraben-free ARTDECO cream scrub pampers the skin with moisturizing essences and can also be used on dry and sensitive skin. ARTDECO Body Scrub should just be the first step of your beauty routine. After exfoliating, you should pamper your skin with a body lotion or body cream to richly moisturize.