White Tea Cleansing Mousse

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for sensual skin feeling
Nail Care

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Exclusive ARTDECO Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

ARTDECO High Quality Skin Care

Discover the diverse selection of premium skin care products by ARTDECO! ARTDECO skin care pampers your skin with essential essences to keep your skin feeling soft and cared for, and to create a balanced and radiant complexion. The particularly skin-friendly care adjusts to the needs of different skin types: dry, sensitive, blemished or mature skin. Facial skin needs special attention. The specially developed ARTDECO facial care is precisely tailored to the needs of different skin types, including dry skin. ARTDECO body care leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple with precious body creams and body lotions, intensive body oil, body scrubs and gentle, aromatic shower foam.

Your hands and feet are particularly taxed by everyday life. Therefore, specially designed, intensive skin care is essential. ARTDECO hand care brings moisture, regeneration, and a silky smooth feel to stressed hands. With luxurious textures and aromatic fragrances ARTDECO foot care transforms your pedicure into a sensual spa experience and makes even dry feet soft and supple. Healthy, radiant nails make a neat appearance look perfect. ARTDECO nail care offers the optimum solution for every nail issue. Nail files and special lacquers are tailored to the needs of different nails types and help create healthy, radiant nails. Look radiant with ARTDECO skin care!