All in One Powder & Make-up Brush
All in One Powder & Make-up Brush  

All in One Powder & Make-up Brush

Premium authentic goat hair quality with nylon hair for a professional makeup look




Art. No.


An innovative interaction of nature and technnology for a professional,optimum result. The brush is perfect for the application of loose powder textures and liquid foundations to obtain a streak-free, clean makeup result. With this brush you achieve a natural, smooth finish equal to that of a high-definition or airbrush foundation. The combination of fine authentic goat hair and high-quality white nylon hair gives a feel-good effect when applying. The All in One Powder & Make-up Brush easily blends liquid and loose powder formulations onto the skin. Depending on the application technique used, the coverage can be adapted from sheer to high.

Detailed information of the ingredients can be found here:

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  • Powder: Take up the powder with the flat side of the brush. Beginning from the forehead, glide straight down over the nose, cheeks and chin.

    Foundation: Pick up a small amount of foundation with the flat tip, and gently stipple it onto the face.

    Tip: After using, slip the accompanying net over the brush tip to retain its natural form and to avoid protruding hairs.